Decoupage Stamp Boxes

I am always looking for new and interesting crafts to do with my son. Since, I started penpalling he has been obsessed with the cool stamps we receive on our mail. So we decided to make something using the stamps.

The first thing we did was soak all the stamps to remove them from the envelopes, and allowed them to dry. Once that was done we used two brown craft boxes we bought from Walmart, and applied Mod Podge to hold the stamps in place. We did a small section at a time so that the modpodge would not dry before we properly placed our stamps.

The next step is to place the stamps on the blocks in whatever pattern you decided. On one of our boxes we place them side by side without overlapping, and the second one all the stamps over lapped. I personally like the overlapping better because it covers all of the brown area. Once you have place all your stamps and you are happy with the replacement it is time to move on to the next step.

The next stop is to apply a thin layer of mod podge over the stamps. There are many different types of mod podge, so choose the one that best fits your desired finish.  I did not want my box to be too shiny,  and since my son was helping me the glitter finish was out. So I choose the matte finish, which I think turned out great.  I did have to apply two layers to get it to my desired finish.

Once the mod podge has dried you can add any embellishments you choose,such as ribbon,  tape, jewels, etc.  I used brown fabric tape around the edges. Hope you enjoyed this project. Check out my youtube video for a closer look.

Materials for this project:

-Stamps, ticket stubs, magazine pictures, or any other paper product you wish to use

– Mod podge

-a foam brush to apply mod podge

– item to alter (note book, boxes, etc)

–  Embellishments

2013-07-30 14.00.01 2013-07-30 14.00.10 2013-07-30 14.00.20 2013-07-30 14.00.29 2013-07-30 14.00.55

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