Virtual Homeschooling

This year we decided to try the k12 program for my son. He is 11 years old and in the 6th grade.  There are many things that factor in to this choice.

1. My work schedule
2. His test scores
3. Bullying from classmates
4. 5 different teachers for one subject before the end of the semester
5. He hated going to school

Before we decided on k12 we also researched private schools, traditional homeschooling,  and connections virtual academy. We eventually choose k12 because it is considered a public school. We also have the choice to work ahead or take more time if needed. There requirements are 3% of work completed each week, and at least 6 hours a day. This is actually my state requirements.

There are some pros and cons as with any thing. The pros are the class connects, teachers for each subject, spending more time with mu son, school gatherings, flexible schedule,  and since its a public school all of your supplies are free. The number one pro is  that you get to spend valuable time with your child a develop a closer relationship with them.

Now for the cons it requires a lot of time and dedication, sometimes your student is unwilling to cooperate, and you must be organized or you will get overwhelmed.

Thankfully there are other learning coaches out there that are willing to help! You can find them through the k12 parents and kid clubs, facebook groups, and by attending the monthly outings that are offered.

All things considered I believe k12 is a great program and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a alternative for their students.  Please feel free to email me or leave any comments below if you have any questions.  I’ll be happy to answer them.

Heres a link to k12 if you are interested in checking them out

Till next time. The pictures below are the supplies we received from k12.

2013-07-31 15.01.51 2013-07-31 15.03.56 2013-07-31 15.08.16 2013-07-31 15.12.21 2013-07-31 15.20.27 2013-07-31 15.20.35 2013-07-31 15.23.13 2013-07-31 15.26.35 2013-07-31 15.29.27 2013-07-31 15.29.49 2013-07-31 15.30.07

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