Going to church….

Tomorrow is the first time in years that I will actually be going to church. Now, let me explain what I mean I have been to church several times this year, sat through service, went through the motions, and went home unchanged.

But this Sunday will be different Im going to church with a cheerful heart, an open mind, and a heart that is ready to worship. I plan to take advantage of the worship service and leave all my problems, insecurities, and troubles in the Lords hands. I plan to be so deep In the word that is being taught that I can’t wait to go out and share this message with you guys and others. 

I can not remember the last time I was excited about church. I love this feeling of growing closer to God I am so much at peace and calm. This would be a surprise to some people seeing that a few weeks ago I was so depressed that I couldnt eat, sleep,  or so anything else. I was also suffereing from anxiety that was starting to effect my life and my relationships. Im so thankful for what God has bought me through and this new found passion for crafting and blogging. I have always wondered what my gift was and how little old me could actual further Gods kingdom. I have found it and oh I cant wait to writw my blog and share my experience and Gods word with someone else who are experienceing some of the same things I have gone through.  so I am so excited to see where he is leading me and helping others alone the way. Im off to bed now love you guys.

One thought on “Going to church….

  1. I know what you mean, with the whole physically being there but not being mentally present. Sometimes {so that I can leave all of the worldly worries/distractions for that hour} I have to intently pray: “Father, please quiet my soul, so that I may listen to Your word”. Hope this Sunday was great! 🙂

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