Yesterday my brother twitted “How many folks have made arrangements for this life but none for the next?”  How true is this? Think of the the arrangements we make car insurance, life insurance, and burial insurance. We put so much time and effort making sure that we are prepared if something happens, but how much time and effort do we dedicate to spending time with God? Think of how many times that we have had the intentions of reading our bible, doing a devotion, going to church, etc. but instead life got in the way and we said I will just get to that later. I am guilty of doing this also. I have the intention of reading my bible, doing a bible study, and praying more, and I always find some excuse to why I can do it later.

The other day I was pencilling my appointments for November in my paper planner and my phones, as I was reviewing it I noticed that I had pencilled in time for everything, but God. So, in order to make sure that I make arrangements for my next life I have set a goal of scheduling time to spend with God each day, after all we schedule all of our other appointments. This is one appointment that I do not plan on missing each day. Till next time…

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