Church yesterday

Church yesterday was so good, and to think I almost missed. I woke up extremely early yesterday and went back and forth on weather or not I would go. I texted my brother who works at the church to find out the time for the early morning service.  I also called to talk to my mom by the time I hung up with my mom it was 830 and I was starving.  Before I got up out of bed I asked God for strength to make it. With amazing energy (thanks God) I got dressed and made it to service.

It was an awesome service im so glad I made it. They are currently doing a series,  which I think is called the war of the Kings cant remember.  I wont post everything he said but I will ho over the things that touch me the most.
Idolatry can be blind admeration for something. Just think about what you spend the majority of your time doing. Are you obsessed with it? Does it prevent you from spending time with God? I am guilty of this ive worshipped relationships,  tv shows,  shopping, people, and so many other things I never realized I worshipped. 

Another thing that really stuck with me is his statement about 18 inches, and its not what u think. “Don’t let 18 inches send you to hell.” There is 18 inches between your head and your heart. How many timea have you sone something because you thought it was the right thing to do but your heart wasnt in it? Im guilty of this also? I got baptised because it was the right thing to do. I got saved because it was the right think but my heart wasn’t in it. I am so glad that things have changed and that my brain and heart are both in. I try to show this in my everyday life.  Just remember people are watching you and your lifestyle and attitude couls affect how a stranger, your family, and others perceive God and Christianity in general.

Till next time guys.

If you are interested in hearing rhis sermon it is available online.

5 thoughts on “Church yesterday

  1. I’m glad you made it to church and it blessed you!

    If you want to post links to your blog posts in the Sparky group, feel free to do so even if you aren’t participating in the current challenge. We don’t mind at all! As you can tell, we try to support one another in more than just blogging. 🙂

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