I grew up hearing pray about it and give it to God when I had a problem oor was worrying about something.   This was the hardest thing for me tto do. I would pray a half  hearted prayer and continue to prepare for the worse. My heart and faith was never in it. My problem was I confused putting faith in people and God as being the same thing.  People will disappoint you and leave you heartbroken God on the other hand will show up right on time and leave you in amazement of what hes done.

I did not  truly experience this until I truly let God have my problems and my heart. This is still hard for me because I have been a hard core worry for most of my life. But when I feel catch myself doing this I stop and pray and ask God for strength.  A prayer does not have to be a 30 minute long, it can be something as simple as Lord give me strength.  For some reason I’ve always had this thought that prayer had to be something exquisite and formal, which made me very intimidated of prayer. Now I approach it as if I am talking to a friend and pouring my heart out. I find myself talking to God more often. I have always been better at communicating through writing. So I thought why not write letters to God. What im trying to say is we should all try whats works for us in our prayer life. Think of God as a friend, father, and confidant who only wants the best for you. Don’t be afraid to talked to him about anything or just say thanks.

I must warn you that everything will not change over night and living for God will be a constant struggle. So be prepared and fine a good support system, and enjoy the ride. Till next time. . …

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