Today my  heart is really heavy. Usually around this time I would have been planning to celebrate my ex boyfriend’s birthday.  I have tried my hardest to avoid thinking about it, but the harder I the more I think about it. Im not sure if he even notices that  not there to celebrate with him,  and its probably best that I don’t.  I know that my time in his life is over and that the purpose of us being together has been served. But that still doesn’t stop be from missing him.  Actually I’m not sure if I miss him or miss the idea of having someone.  I think its a combination of both even though he hurt me deeply. I’ve forgiven him, and it us definitely time for me to let it go. In order for me to get what God has for me I must look forward and let go. I have faith that God has the perfect husband for me that will be everything I have prayed for and more.

So yes November may have been the month we celebrated your birthday but its time for me  to make new memories,  and focus on fulfilling  God’s plan for me. So, this November and each November going forward I have something new to celebrate. This is the month I rededicated my heart, mind, and  soul to God.  So I will be celebrating my anniversary of my relationship with God. Im so excited to see where this relationship takes me, and the best part is I know that no matter what I go through God will not hurt me, leave me, forsake me, lie to me, cheat on me etc.

I know that talking about God and my relationship with him may run some people off, and for once I dont care about people getting mad, offended, or annoyed with this. All I know is the creator of the world is over joyed to have me totally focused on him.

I hope that some of you will join me on this journey and feel free to follow along, comment,  etc. I pray that God gives me the strength to grow on this journey.  To my blog challenge group I want you to know you guys have been such a blessing and encouragement to me.

My heart is no longer heavy its excited.  Thank you lord

6 thoughts on “November

  1. I too, have entered November with a heavy heart for slightly similar reasons, (loss of someone around) but over time it gets easier…
    Especially if you dedicate your time to your mind, body, heart and soul to a cause. Keep moving forward, I’m sure you’re doing fantastic, and remember – it’s OK to have those “down” moments/days :), it’s part of the process!
    Chin up!

  2. I am really happy about this adventure you’re on! God is so good, and there’s nothing boring about living life with Him, that’s for sure! I think it’s a great idea that you’re now using this month to celebrate something new instead of focusing on mourning something old. That’s a wise way to turn it around. 🙂

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