ANT eater

Today started out with me receiving what seemed like a 1000 reminders of what today is thanks to face book and Google calendar. But once I got up and my day started I was having a great day. I finally got my cricut to work and was ready to start working on my Christmas cards. Well, until I looked at my cricut mat, it has been used and abused and I needed a new one. Of course, no one around my parents house sold them, so off to Alexandria we went. When we made it hear we went straight to Michael’s and got the mat and a few more sale items. Once, we left the store we were on our way to pay our electric bill. It seem like everywhere we went there was a detour so what should have been a 5 minute trip became a 40 minute trip. On our detour we had to go across a bridge where the lanes are pretty close, before the the truck even passed me I knew he was to close. All of a sudden we heard a loud pop and my drivers side mirror was gone. All that was left was a few wires and the plastic casing. Now, the old me would have instantly had a mixture of road rage and anxiety. I would have instantly gotten extremely angry and worried. A thousand things (must of them not christian like) would have been going through my mind. An me and my vivid imagination would have came up with a really good reason why this happen on today of all days and to me. But instead of thinking negative I choose to use my ANT (Anti negative thoughts) eater. So here we go:

1. No one was hurt

2. IT could have been a lot worse and my whole car could have been damaged

3. I have car insurance

4. I’m learning to think positive

5. I’m not worrying about how i am going to fix the problem (this is a huge step for me)

So even though something bad happen today I still have a lot to be thankful for. Plus God never said our lives would be easy. I am just thankful to be blessed to have a car, my life, God, supportive friends and family, and I do not have to handle my problems on my own.

Till next time folks

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