A witness to this


I can attest to this being true.  I have gone through so much in the past few years. I have had my heart broken, been lied to, been lonely,  looking for love on on the wrong places, had money problems, been sued because of those money problems,  and I could go on. During this time my heart wasnt  in serving God, I only turned to him when I was in trouble, and even then my heart wasn’t in it. During these past few months life got really hard, my anxiety and depression was at an all time worse.  To the point where I really thought I was going crazy.  It wasnt until I reached an all time low after the end of my last relationship that I really turned to God, but this time was different from all the other times.  This time my heart was in it. Life has been such better since my heart has been in it. I wont lie and tell you that my struggles have disappeared,  but they have gotten easier.  You see I no longer have ro solve my own problems or go through life along, now all I need is faith in God. I could say that I wasted all those years putting my faith in material things and man, but that is not the case. Had I not going through all the struggles my heart my have never truly soften and I would never have teuly committed to God. And I also would have never been able to share my story and encourage others.  So if you are going through something and you feel God has turned his back on you perhaps you should examine your heart. You might be surprised!  Till next time.

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