New Year is almost here.

It’s that time of year when the holidays have come and gone and we will be entering in to a new year. Some people make resolutions that they may or may not complete in the coming year. I have trouble sticking to resolutions, so I usually don’t make any. After the past years events, I know that they are a lot of areas in my life that I need to change. So, this year I am making goals, and using a journal for books a million to make these goals a habit. The area of my life that needs changing are my health, relationship with God, and my finances. I know that if I change to much at once I will become overwhelmed and not stick to my plan. Which is why I love the journal I purchased from BAM, it breaks down your goals in to little changes that can be made over 21 days that will hopefully become a habit. I am looking forward to these changes because  I know that they will only make my life better, and bring me closer to God. If you have any goals or changes you are making for the new year, I would love to hear what they are and hope you plan to stay on track. Till next time.  P.S. a few of my handmade Christmas presents, the prints of the family trees were purchased from Didistyles on Etsy. I love her work and she had great customer service and I plan to make more purchases from her in the future. 



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