2013 was full of heart break, disappointments,  lessons, family time, etc.  But it’s time to move on to 2014, and leave all that behind. This year I’m focusing on me, and making changes for the best. My number one goal is to spend more time with God. I plan to do this by using a Journible for John, and the adult and kid Precept study on John. I will do a review on the study and the journible once I’ve had time to go through them.

I also plan to get healthier. One of my doctors told me I have all the symptoms for fibro myalgia,  which I have watch my mom suffer with for years.  I am trying my best to avoid this diagnosis.  The first things I did this week was to avoid cokes and other caffeine.  I’ve also been drinking water. I’ve been keeping up with my health habits using the pact app. It pays you to keep your goals, but also charges you if you don’t reach them. Losing money is very motivating.

Well its off to sleep for me. I’m still working on implementing other goals, I will share those with yall as I go. Till next time.

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