More than just stamps…

When I first became a CTMH consultant, I really was not sure what to expect. I mainly joined because I wanted to learn how to use stamps and make cards. After being a consultant for 6 months, I have learned that CTMH has so much more to offer than just cards, and stamps. I decided to do a series called, Much more than stamping, to share what I have learned with you.

My favorite product is the base and bling line. I have been making jewelry for over 15 years, but CTMH makes it so easy. They also offer a wide range of products that will appeal to the young as well as the old. They offer the basics such as the necklace and cuff, but they also offer bases to make hair clips, headbands, charms, and rings. The bases can be embellished using CTMH products such as fabric, paper, and jewels, or your own embellishments. The bases and embellishments are affordable, the prices start range from $1.95 to $5.95.  The possibilities of the base and bling line are endless. Here are some of the products I have made using the base and bling products.

wpid-20131121_073141.jpg wpid-20131119_213012.jpg wpid-IMG_20131020_015825.jpg wpid-20131021_185839.jpg wpid-20131022_172125.jpg

If you are interested in purchasing these products or would like to learn more about the Base and Bling products feel free to email me at, or visit to view these products.


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